Tuesday, November 23, 2010

36 Weeks

36 weeks
Lucy posing like mommy

Progress today at my 36th week appointment. Baby boy is measuring a week behind...but I am now dilated to one! Doctor still talked about me going early, so I am hanging on to that. Lost weight from last week - which is fine. I haven't gained as much this time - which again I am thankful for.

He still moves WAY more than Lucy...sometimes I just have to stop and wait...because his movements are so strong.

We finished his room this past week. Feels good to have things washed and ready to go. Just need to get the car seat ready...and back a little bag. We also were able to tour the hospital last weekend. Delivery will be at Southdale, instead of Abbott. It's a lot closer, and just as nice. Nice to know where we are going for the real deal.

Besides planning for him...we are approaching Thanksgiving. We are planning on putting up the Christmas decorations and just hang out as a family. And maybe, just maybe I might venture out on Friday to shop. Could be a mistake...but could also be great fun!

We will miss family this weekend (suppose to be with the Ledbetter/Sweet side)...but thankful taht we will see family at Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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