Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Week 14...

Had my 14 week appointment yesterday. Baby is doing well. Heartbeat was found RIGHT away, which was a relief. We find out in 6 weeks! I need to start taking some pictures of my growing tummy.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Early Christmas Present!

As some of you already know, on April 16th, we found out we were expecting baby #2! I took a test that Friday morning, and it showed up negative. So I tossed it. Later that night around 9:30pm, I went back into the bathroom and saw it in the trash. So out of curiosity, I picked it back up and it was POSITIVE!!?? I ran out to the living room, and told John the mystery. I took another test and it as positive right away. I had one test left. So the next morning, I took another one, and it did the same thing. It was negative for about 10 min, and then turned to positive. Very tricky!

The last two months have had it's ups and downs. I have felt more sick with this little one. I am proud to say that I am now officially 13 weeks, and starting to feel like myself again. Haven't been nauseous at all this week.

I am starting to grow...a little faster this time around. On our 10 week appointment, we were able to get a quick ultrasound. Baby measured right on schedule. Our due date is Dec. 22nd. This Tuesday we go in for our 14 week appointment. Won't be long and we will know if it's a boy/girl.

Summer is already flying by. Lucy last weekend went into a "big bed". This was a major step. So far, so good. She loves it...and so does Duke! Maybe one day he will decide to sleep with her instead of us!

Lucy is talking up a storm. Each day it's like she has 10 more words. Sentences too! That is all the updates for now. Updated pictures to come!