Friday, November 20, 2009

Some recent favorites...

Lucy is changing by the minute! Her latest adventures include...
1. Saying new words such as: "up", "down", "ball", "car", "all done", "hot", "wow"
2. Rocking her arms as if she is holding a baby
3. Throws her arms above her head until we say "so big!"
4. Pats her hand on the couch or chair to let you know she wants to sit there
5. Gives Duke BIG hugs where she is laying on top of him
6. Blows me kisses each morning that I drop her off at day care followed by waving bye bye
7. If I say we are going bye bye, she walks to the gate and begins to shake it!
8. Often she will find her pacifier, blanket & bunny and lead us to her crib so she can go to bed (honestly the cutest thing ever!)
9. Stands in front of the fridge looking at all the pictures and points to people she knows
10. Whispers "hot" in a low raspy voice
11. Says "wow" very exaggerated whenever something really exciting catches her eye.
12. Favorite toy is her plastic doggy that has a string around it's neck and she pulls it around the house (Duke is terrified of it!)
14. Knows where her nose and belly button is.
15. Recently started feeding herself using a fork and spoon. She no longer wants us to help her. Very independent!